Fast Furiously: Great Expectations

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In my last blog, t I stressed the preparation for the fast is that preparation can help you be less focused on the food aspects of the fast and more focused on God. I think preparation plays an important part in your focus. If you make a plan about your food, you won’t be worried about what you will eat or drink during your fast. Preparation can allow you to concentrate more fully on God—who He is, what He is doing, where He is working, and how you can join Him in His work. You can seek God more fully when you are not crazy with the details, and you can have great expectations for what is to come.

So you’ve prepared; you’re ready. Now what exactly can you expect during your fast? Here are three things I experienced:

Warfare. Satan does not want you to succeed in your fast. He will throw everything in the world at you—some of which is false lies, and some of which God will use to prune you. Remember to label those attacks as what they are and to be discerning about who you are in the Lord. About one week into my fast, Satan attacked me about being single. I cried for an entire day about it, and literally knew from the moment it began that this was warfare and not of God. Luckily, God placed several prayer warriors in my path that day, and by the next day, I had identified the attack for what it was and said sayonara to the devil’s schemes.

Answers. It is okay to enter your fast with questions and prayer requests. I certainly did, and though I was then and still am seeking God’s face, I also took my requests to Him in prayer. I was amazed at some of the answers that came—and how quickly they came, simply because I was willing to spend that extra time with Him. A friend who was going through the fast with me experienced one on the second day: she had a terrible caffeine-related headache (since giving up coffee) and decided to drink a Snapple to cure it, even though Snapple was not allowed on the fast. She took a sip and happened to look under the cap: she had won $100 in free groceries, an obvious answer to prayer for a single mother with some financial struggles. This led me to remember something important about fasting: It’s not about the food; it’s about trusting in Him to provide answers.

The Unexpected. God loves to do the unexpected, and a fast can be one of His favorite times to do those things. I wish I could reveal everything the Lord showed me during this fast; some of the revelations are private and beautiful, things that will be coming to pass in the upcoming months or years. But it is important to understand that while you are fasting, you are in a heightened spiritual state, which means that you are going to experience God doing incredible things right before your eyes. He’s not only going to deliver you from evil and answer your prayers, He is going to do miracles—unexpected, amazing miracles that bring you to your knees in awe and worship. So remember to expect the unexpected as you surrender to His crazy, adventurous ways.

Even though everyone will experience fasting differently, you still can have great expectations for what God is going to do IN you and THROUGH you as you fast and focus on Him.

What warfare, answers, and/or unexpected things has God given you during a fast?

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