Fast Furiously: Next Level, Next Devil

Before my fast, I was living comfortably as a Christian and not worthy of such intense focus from the devil. I would have an attack here or there, but I don’t think Satan was overly worried about me. I was in a place of comfort: praying, reading the Word, and attending church and in fellowship with other believers. There is nothing wrong with doing these things, but I was not a threat. So it should have come as no surprise that when I decided to fast, Satan began to hit me a little harder. You see, Satan starts trembling in his boots when you decide to fast because he knows that fasting takes you to the next level and releases God’s power in your life—a power that Satan does not want you to know is attainable. So before my Daniel fast, Satan began to attack in subtle, less noticeable ways. Then seven days into my fast, he attacked me full on. And post-fast, he has continued his onslaught. As my friend so aptly put it: next level, next devil.

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I say bring it on! Why?

  • The more Satan attacks, the more I must depend on Christ. I cannot fight him on my own. I have tried that before and failed miserably, so I know that I must devote every ounce of my energy into depending on Jesus. And if I’m depending more on the Lord, then I am becoming more dangerous to the kingdom of darkness, including my fleshly desires. And if we want to be found anywhere, it is in deep dependence on Jesus!
  • The more I depend on Christ, the more He reveals to me. The revelations from my fast have been astounding. Some are things for which I am still waiting for God’s confirmation out of sheer astonishment—e.g., my prayers for my future husband. Others things were revealed to me in a new way; e.g., my prophet call to be an intercessor—to pray for those truths revealed to me, while letting God show truth to others. God showed me what a powerful ministry intercession is as I interceded for my family and friends while fasting. However, without fasting, these new revelations would have remained hidden as I would not have a more intimate relationship with Jesus.
  • The more Christ reveals to me, the more I grow in Christ-likeness. This is important because Christ-likeness is the goal of every Christian. Jesus is not just revealing awesome things to me; He is also showing me areas where I need to become more like Him. Two weeks after my fast, God revealed to me that I still had a problem with control. I maintained “control” of my life by plotting and planning out in my mind every possible outcome to a situation—projecting myself into the future to prepare myself for every possibility, good or bad. God very clearly told me that my mind still needs to be renewed and that I need to stand before Him, palms open, and release my need for control. It was not until I opened myself up to fasting that I realized this subtle, deeply ingrained sin of mine—challenging me to turn my thoughts over to the Lord so that I can become more like Jesus.

I started with Satan and ended with Jesus because although Satan attacks, Jesus wins. When you fast, seek Jesus continually. Because even though the next level produces the next devil, he has already been conquered! 

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