The God Identity: Meet Your Maker

Identity by Stuart Miles

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“The prophet and mercy will stand together.” I heard it clearer than anything I’d ever heard. It was 2:30 a.m., and God had just woke me up and immersed me in His presence. Those words were the only thing I had heard crystal clear, and I was trembling. I couldn’t fall back asleep, as I mulled the phrase over in my mind, trying to figure out what it meant. The next day, I confided my middle-of-the-night meeting with God to a couple of close friends who held me accountable. And throughout the course of my conversations with them and further conversation with God, a part of my identity was revealed: I was a pushy prophet girl. Pushy prophet girl existed because of my intense desire to always push people along at my pace or push people away. It is a great identity for a life coach who desires to spur others on to greater health; but my friends often found it tiring. Obviously, it was a part of my prophet spiritual gift and D (dominant) personality, but it was also the result of many wounds and experiences in my life where I had learned to push people away or expect them to “travel” at my speed. And I needed to hear that about myself from loving friends so that I could begin to explore this part of my God-given identity.

When addictions and other things have defined you for so long, it can be difficult to allow your Creator God to tell you who you really are—and how you need to change. But here are two amazing things to understand about the author of the God identity:

  • The author of the God identity wants you to know and love Him. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind” (Matthew 22:37). It is the first of the greatest commandments, according to Jesus Himself. It is God’s desire that we spend time with Him, not only so that we will know Him, but also so that we can know ourselves. Most people spend time with their families of origin so that they can understand who they are. But too many people forego spending time with the One who knew them before they were born, who has counted every hair on their heads, and who loves them unconditionally. God is our Father, and He calls us to Him, desiring to reveal more about Himself to us. So whether it is a midnight session with Him or daily quality time with Him through His Word, we must respond to His call for relationship with Him.
  • The author of the God identity wants you to know and love yourself. “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). The first step to knowing yourself is knowing God. But the Bible specifically states that you are to love others in proportion to how you love yourself. So how well do you love yourself? Do you know yourself? What are your spiritual gifts? What are your motivations? What experiences have you had? What natural talents and abilities do you have? Too many people walk through life not knowing the answers to these questions. And while these things make up your identity, it is God who has defined you and named you as His child. The Bible says that we were each fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), which means that each of us is unique and has been gifted in beautiful ways. Do you know and embrace these things about yourself so that you can respect and love these things in others?

Know God, know thyself. As we walk through this series, we will be looking at characteristics of God, because as the author of our identities, He has called us to be like Himself. So in knowing Him, we will know who we are supposed to be, and how we truly should be loving ourselves and loving others. I hope that you will learn and walk in your God identity over the next few weeks—and that you will truly meet your Maker in a new and fresh way!

3 thoughts on “The God Identity: Meet Your Maker

  1. Marvae

    Love God, love yourself! Life is different when you do that!

    Working with a coach is a wonderful way to unearth some of those hidden ways we are not really loving God or ourselves. Once realized true change is possible!

    Thanks for sharing what God is revealing to you.

  2. pushyprophetgirl Post author

    Thanks, Marvae! God is so good at revealing things to me a little bit at a time…love how He’s careful not to overwhelm me! 🙂 Coaching definitely helps to uncover a little more work for us to do–and start moving in the right direction!


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