Emotionally Healthy Habits: Identity

health pyramid by Stuart Miles

image courtesy of Stuart Miles / freedigitalphotos.net

Most every person that I know has said that online dating is the only way to meet someone these days. I hadn’t tried it, mostly because I didn’t like the idea of meeting someone online. I consider myself an identity expert, and meeting people in an online forum where I can’t look into their eyes, see their mannerisms, and gauge their personality is not my thing. In addition, I know how hard it is to show my own personality on paper—you have to meet me to love me! However, I wanted to say that I had tried it, so I signed up a few weeks ago. And so far, it has been a huge bust. Why? Because I know my identity—and what works for me. And online dating is not it.

I blog a lot about identity because I believe that few things are more important than knowing who God has made you to be. Emotionally healthy people are intimately knowledgeable about themselves because they know their Creator! And to create emotionally healthy habits, here are a few things about ourselves that we should seek to know:

  • Our Personality: It’s bigger than introvert versus extrovert or type A versus type B. God created us uniquely, as complex humans specially crafted with personality types, spiritual gifts, and talents that no other person has. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator (Psalm 139)! He gave us our physical traits as well as our spiritual and emotional ones. And while we are constantly changing, maturing, and becoming more like Christ, God wants us to know as much as we can about ourselves so that we can love Him and others more completely. Have you tried to find out more about your personality? You can learn more about yourself by taking spiritual gifts or personality assessments that will show you how to best use the gifts that God has given you! (I can help with that!)
  • Our Passions: God also gave you intricate passions, desires that He placed within you for specific people, places, and things. Sometimes, you have positive experiences that confirm what you’re passionate about—perhaps a mission trip or a job that has been meaningful for you. Missionaries, pastors, teachers, and others have experienced joy in serving others through their experiences. Other times, though, it is through our bad experiences that God develops our passions—helping others who may experience what we have been through. Many ministries and businesses have been formed by people who, out of their own personal struggles and triumphs, have developed a desire to help others who have struggled in the same fashion. Pushy Prophet Girl Ministries is one of those ministries! Do you know what you’re passionate about? How have your experiences contributed to those passions?
  • Our Purpose: God will use your personality and your passions, coupled with your experiences, to ultimately show you your purpose in life. I have some friends who tell me that their purpose in life is to be a mother or a father to their children. While I agree that may be one part of their purpose, I also believe that God has given them other ways to contribute to His kingdom—they just may not have found it yet! Why? Because they are not aware of the unique personality and passions that God has given them. Most people live their entire lives without finding their unique purpose in life—and that is incredibly sad, because that means part of their identity remains unknown. So what do your personality and passions say about God’s purpose for you?

Our identity is not what others say about us or what assessments say about us—our identity is what God says about us. We are His chosen and beloved children, fearfully and wonderfully made, and heirs to His Kingdom. How God reveals that in each of our lives is a beautiful, personal journey, but remember—the more we know about God, the more we will know our true identity! So seek today to know God more and to know yourself, so that you can love Him and others in emotionally healthy ways!

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