Pardon My Hiatus…


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Oh friends, it’s been a crazy 2015. I didn’t plan on taking such a long break from blogging and writing, but it happened nonetheless, and I am truly sorry for such a prolonged absence online. I have been coaching and also working full-time at a job I don’t really love while looking to move down south away from a climate I don’t love (snow?! NO!). I have been helping a friend with her kids due to a herniated disc in her back. (Yes, me! With kids! I’m really awesome with them, haha!)  I have been tired.

But most importantly, I have been learning several tough but necessary lessons about my life, about my gift (and all the gifts), about the Lord. The most recent one was yesterday…and I plan to share much of it with you over the next several weeks. I’m going to delve back into the spiritual gifts, because they are so much a part of who we are and who God created us to be…and because I KNOW they are such a large part of my calling and my passion. Your spiritual gifts are, perhaps, the most important part of your PureID™. So I am going to talk about them and share more and more about them with you.

I look forward to being back here with you–and perhaps even sharing shorter posts more frequently–very, very soon!

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