About PPG


I am the original pushy prophet girl: certified coach and human behavior consultant, speaker, writer, and trainer focused on helping you find your PureID™! Specifically, finding your PureID™ means I can help you to—

  • identify your motivational spiritual gifts, personality style, and uniqueness in Christ;
  • restore and maintain your sexual and emotional integrity in an impure world;
  • increase your emotional intelligence by understanding more about how you act and respond; all of which will help you to
  • use your newly acquired confidence to improve your relationships with yourself, God, and others.

I have always been a bold, outspoken woman who focuses on truth. Sadly, people aren’t always nice to bold, outspoken women, and I spent many years wondering if being docile and meek was the only way to “fit in” to the world that churches had created. Fortunately, I was introduced to the motivational spiritual gifts by a friend who kept telling me, “I think you’re a prophet!” When I finally sat down with my friend to discuss what she meant, she gave me a write-up on the motivational gift of prophecy that changed my life. Finally, I felt that someone understood me—and that God had made me exactly the way I was supposed to be—and I began to embrace my identity in Christ and my gifting.

In addition to embracing my own gift, I began to study all of the motivational gifts and developed a deeper understanding of how my friends, coworkers, and family operate. I worked through my own issues and woundedness–including an addiction to pornography– in Celebrate Recovery (CR), which increased my emotional intelligence, spiritual maturity, and leadership capabilities as I graduated from the CR 12-step study.

Now I want everyone to feel confident, loved, and fearless, embracing their unique PureID™! Everyone should understand how they are specially created and gifted by God so that they can fight temptation, find health and wellness, and flourish in their relationships. I also want to see everyone embracing their identity so that they can walk confidently as God intended.

I have a B.A. in Sociology and I graduated from the Christian Coach Institute in May 2013. I am a certified professional life coach through CCI and a certified human behavior consultant trained to administer the DISC assessment. I am a former member of the Christian Coaches Network and love to work on improving my coaching skills! I have worked on church leadership teams since 1995 as a youth, worship, and children’s pastor both paid and volunteer. I currently work for my local government in addition to coaching, speaking, writing, and training. I attend my church in South Carolina where I continue to learn about leadership under the direction of my senior pastor.

Do you want to have a deeper knowledge of God and yourself? Is total body wellness–mind, body, and spirit–something you desire? Then contact me today to start your journey into emotional and physical intelligence and improved self-awareness! Let me help you discover, examine, and embrace your PureID™!

Christian Life Coach Training

3 thoughts on “About PPG

  1. loservillelive

    Ok, I am just plain blown away. This is a ministry whose time has come. Young christian women need to be taught how to embrace the power they have in Jesus, to love the body they were given and to cherish and cultivate the purity they have through His redemption. I had a hard time getting off the site. I just wanted to read post after post. I will be passing this on to the young ladies I work with. Bless you!!!

    1. pushyprophetgirl Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words–to God be the glory!!! Thank you do much for partnering with me to reach others for Christ! I pray that you and your ministry with these young women is blessed beyond measure!


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