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Text-O-Matic-2014.10.7-19.12.53-MediumDiscover 3 Secrets to Reclaiming Your Purity!

“Women don’t struggle with lust.” Have you ever heard that and felt a tinge of guilt in your heart? I have! And many times, I have countered that lie with the truth: women DO struggle with lust and maintaining purity in this world! But there ARE ways we can reclaim our purity and walk in the identity that God intended for each of us!

Join me for a free teleseminar on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. to Discover 3 Secrets to Reclaiming Your Purity

Not sure if this teleseminar is for you? Then take this quick quiz:

  • Do you daydream or fantasize about someone who is not your husband?
  • Have you ever struggled with pornography and/or self-gratification?
  • Do you watch TV shows and/or movies or read books that have graphic sexual content? Do you ever seek out this kind of content?
  • Have you consistently dressed or acted in ways to get the attention of men–or even other women?
  • Do you have overwhelming guilt or shame about your past or present purity that is keeping you from moving forward?

If you are a Christian woman who answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, then this teleseminar is for YOU!

You may not even think you have a problem. And you definitely may not have told anyone about this “non-problem.” But temptation is everywhere. Women’s minds are a constant battlefield for purity in a world that does not value anything pure. Purity IS possible, though! We serve a living God who makes all things new and pure!

PLUS! I’ll be giving way some goodies during the teleseminar, including a 45-minute DISCover Your PureID™ session (including a DISC assessment and spiritual gifts assessment) for FREE to one of my LIVE attendees!

Can’t attend on this date and time? Register anyway–provide your e-mail address and I will send you a recording of the seminar! So join me for this teleseminar and start saying “YES!” to becoming the pure woman God intended! Register using the button below!

Eventbrite - Discover 3 Secrets to Reclaiming Your Purity - February 2015

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