Personal Coaching Packages


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These purity coaching packages are for women who want to embrace their PureID!

PureID™ Personal Coaching:

This coaching package is for those who would rather work through discovering and exploring their PureID™ in a one-on-one setting versus group coaching. In this package, clients will work through a program similar to the Explore Your PureID™ group coaching class but they will do it one-on-one with a coach in six 60-minute sessions.

Clients will explore and answer questions such as: Who am I? Who does God say I am? What are my values? Where do I need to improve in my walk with God? Who will stand beside me in my struggles with purity? How can I combat the media’s influence in my life? What is my personal plan for purity?

Discounts are available to those clients who have already purchased the Discover Your PureID™ session.

Cost: $597

What you get:

  • Six 60-minute personal coaching sessions with your coach
  • DISC/16 spiritual gifts assessment
  • Motivational spiritual gifts assessment
  • Communication style assessment
  • Personal values work, goal setting, and clarification
  • Creating your personal purity plan
  • Accountability and encouragement towards your goals for purity


Embrace Your PureID™ Personal Coaching

This coaching package is for clients who have completed the Explore Your PureID™ group coaching class or the PureID™ Personal Coaching package and want personal coaching as they embrace their God-given identity and implement their newly formed personal purity plan! Clients will receive ten (10) personal coaching sessions designed around their goals and needs in the areas of passions, purity, identity, and purpose. Clients will answer questions such as: What is my purpose in life? What are my passions? How does my PureID™ intersect with my purpose? What are the best ways to carry out my personal purity plan? And more!

This package is for those women who are serious about living out their personal purity plan, finding their purpose, and boldly walking in the identity God has given them. You will be stretched in difficult, life-changing ways as you seek God and His will for your life! Are you ready for this type of change? If so, contact me below to sign up for this amazing package!

Cost: $897


If you’d like additional coaching beyond what is offered here, you may sign up for additional packages, create your own package, or sign up for a monthly retainer package. Contact me below with questions or feedback!

Not ready to commit? You can sign up for single coaching sessions for $97 each.

You don’t need to sign up for a package to find out what I have to offer you!

Not sure yet? You can sample what I offer with an Purity Intensive! What will you get from the Purity Intensive?

  • Am I the only one? A glimpse into your thoughts about sexual and emotional integrity while living in today’s culture
  • Where am I? A brief assessment of your own personal needs in these two areas of integrity
  • How can I grow? A taste of how personal coaching with me can move you towards purity in your mind, body, and spirit

Experience a 20-minute Purity Intensive absolutely FREE! Contact me below to schedule your complimentary call!

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