What Is Group Coaching?

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Wondering how to experience coaching without the incredibly high price-tag? Group coaching might be for you! Pushy Prophet Girl Ministries offers a hybrid type of group coaching developed to push you to greater growth!


 What is group coaching?

Group coaching is a small group of people gathering together for the purpose of personal growth, greater self-awareness, and the achievement of goals. The group is convened to explore a common issue or area of growth while supporting each other. There can be multiple agendas, foci, styles and perspectives based on the group and facilitated by the coach. The learning comes from shared knowledge and wisdom of peers who all want to move in the same direction. The coach will be there to deepen awareness and understanding in the group, keep the group focused and on task, implement the group coaching agreement, and facilitate learning and goal-setting.

What is group coaching with Pushy Prophet Girl Ministries?

Group coaching with Pushy Prophet Girl Ministries is eight 90-minute sessions over ten weeks with a group of 6-8 women, and it will include one personal coaching call with each group member. Groups will meet weekly (with two breaks for partner work and individual calls) via telephone. We will have several different types of groups on differing topics, including Examining Your PureID™.

How much does group coaching cost?

Group coaching costs start at $368 (if you pay via PayPal) but vary according to the program offered. In addition, there is a discount available if you pay by cash/check/or money order.


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